Calroy’s Patents

Recognition for Innovation

October 11, 2022

As a leading innovator in the field of dietary supplements, Calroy stands apart in the depth of our commitment to scientific research. We have been awarded 2 patents so far, with more pending.

Doctors working together in a lab

We keep abreast of the latest academic and clinical developments in our field. We also conduct formula-specific studies — human, animal, and laboratory — of our own products. Our research is ongoing and continuously adds new knowledge, guiding our product development and enriching our educational offerings.

Calroy’s commitment to scientific integrity is evidenced by the award of two US patents:

  • The first patent (11,135,238) focuses on the rhamnan sulfate found in our flagship product Arterosil HP, and the role that rhamnan sulfate plays in arterial health.
  • The second patent (11,319,519) is for our innovation in research technology, a device for cultivating living endothelial glycocalyx cells to enable the laboratory study of glycocalyx-regenerating compounds.

We have additional patents pending based on our continuous research and development efforts.

Calroy’s patents demonstrate the seriousness of our scientific commitment.