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Committed to Research

We translate breakthrough science into products without parallel. Our mission is to advance science and enhance health – and our model combines rigorous research and development with an exacting approach to sourcing, manufacturing, and transparency. This groundbreaking work has led to the award of 2 patents, with more pending.

Red and white blood cells magnified under a microscope

Research on Nitric Oxide

A wide range of research and papers of interest focused on nitric oxide and the vascular system.

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Microscopic organ structure purple

Research on the Endothelial Glycocalyx

Comprehensive research and papers of interest focused on the endothelial glycocalyx, the fragile inner lining of the entire vascular system.

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Research on Rhamnan Sulfate from Monostroma Nitidum

Comprehensive research and papers of interest focused on rhamnan sulfate from the rare green seaweed Monostroma nitidum.

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Blurred image of a medical team

Science and Medical Advisory Board

A distinguished group of well-respected educators, clinicians, and researchers provide guidance and expertise to Calroy Health Sciences, in a variety of contexts and arenas.

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Transformative DNA structure

Calroy’s Research

Calroy Health Sciences is committed to deeply studying the effects of our formulations. Learn more about our approach and research in this short article.

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Doctors working together in a lab

Calroy’s Patents

We’ve been awarded two patents so far, with more pending. Learn about how these patents contribute to the advancement of science, and their specific topics, in this short article.

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